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Our Learning

In the 2020-2021 school year, the Thomas Kidd community learned a lot about themselves and the importance of diversity and inclusion. We had a reading challenge asking our students to read as many books as they could about diversity and inclusion.  

We also discovered that studentss were having a hard time identifying and recognizing their feelings and body cues. Students found it challenging to talk about their feelings and they became increasingly frustrated with themselves and others.  The students were happy when they were able to play with their friends outside.

Our students will be working on identifying feelings in their body and learning strategies to calm down and resolve conflicts.  We will continue to support them by providing lots of time for them to play outside with friends, using more visual cues and helping them improve their communication skills so they can express their feelings more confidently.  Staff will also provide more direct teaching around the connection berween liteacy and Social Emotional Learning.