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The Kidd Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group that fosters school and community spirit, promotes cooperation, communication and team effort to establish a fun and healthy environment for all connected with Kidd Elementary School.


What is the PAC? The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the officially recognized collective of parents and guardians at our school. It is a forum to discuss matters affecting education and the entire school community. The key priorities of the Kidd PAC are as follows:

  • provide opportunities to educate and inform parents
  • involve parents in volunteer activities
  • work with staff to achieve the goals and aspirations of the school

Who is a PAC member? All parents and guardians of children who attend Kidd Elementary School are members of the Kidd PAC and are crucial partners in creating a rich and fulfilling school experience for our children.


How does the Kidd PAC support students? By providing funding for many ongoing projects and special initiatives that enrich our students’ school experience. Such activities, organized by the PAC include hot lunch days, fundraising initiatives, events, and parent education events.


PAC meetings: PAC meetings are open to all parents and guardians and are held once a month in the school library. This is when all decisions concerning PAC expenditures and policies are made. All members are encouraged to attend and child-minding can be provided. Check out the "WAAG" newsletter sent on Fridays or the school calendar for the date of the next PAC meeting. 


Volunteer Opportunities: There are many opportunities for parents/guardians, grandparents and others to volunteer their time in class events, school-wide events or PAC fundraising initiatives. No matter your availability, any time and in any way you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated by students, staff and parents alike.


PAC Executive Members

Co-Chairs: Manraj Bachra & Jag Gill

Treasurer: Lana Bruce

Secretary: Amber Falkenhagen

RDPA Rep: Andrea Gong & Rita Shen

Lunch Coordinator: Hiroko Maleki

Members at Large: Manjiree Balel-Sharma & Nina Heir  

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