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SEL in Action-Home & School

As part of our SEL School Focus, Kidd identified authentic parent partnership as an essential goal. In February 2022, Kidd hosted a parent SEL session with Connie Easton, the District Coordinator for Mental Health, SEL and Counselling.  

We shared new coping activities that staff would use in the classroom to help students manage everyday worries and anxiety. These strategies come from a collection of classroom resources called Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators or EASE for short.

Some of the skills shared with parents were:

•          How to recognize feelings

•          How to calm their bodies so they can relax and focus

•          How to recognize helpful and unhelpful thinking

•          How to take gradual small steps to face challenges and achieve goals


This dialogue with parents is vital in building a common understanding of the importance of SEL and the best ways to support our families and students.

Updated: Tuesday, July 5, 2022