The information below will help guide you through the first week of school:

  • Tuesday, September 7th  :  All grade 1-7 students return to their 2020-21 classrooms for one hour from 8:45 - 9:45 am.  All NEW students will report to the office.
  • Wednesdays, September 8th & Thursday September 9th : Regular school  hours begin (8:45-2:45pm). All gr. 1-7 students report to the same rooms as the previous day.  Kindergarten students follow the gradual entry schedule. 
  • Friday September 10thAll gr.1-7 continue to report to the same classrooms. We hope to move students to their 2019/20 classrooms following the morning assembly. 

Any time your child will be late or absent from school, be sure to phone our Early Warning system at 604-668-6602.  The early warning line is available 24 hours.  Please note that this applies even for the first day of school, which is only for one hour.  If you will be returning late in September, please contact the office as soon as possible so we can save your child’s spot at Kidd.

Please refer to our school website at: ,  Twitter @ThomasKiddsd38 on a regular basis to keep informed as to what is happening at your child’s school.



Mr. David

Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021