A message from Kidd

Dear Kidd Community,

I hope that everyone is healthy and that you are taking care of your loved ones. Our staff has been busy planning and communicating with families on a regular basis. We hope to have information on Zoom video conferencing opportunities next week. This will allow staff, should they choose, to use a common and consistent platform to connect and communicate with students and parents. The District is currently working through the required steps to be able to implement this tool as quickly as possible while ensuring the security and privacy of this platform meet District standards.  More details to come

Attached are 2 newsletters that may be useful to support the social emotional learning for families at home.

Below is also the link to the district video that was posted last week as a positive message to students and families across the district.  If you have not seen it on Twitter or Facebook, check it out:


As we continue to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 circumstances, it's extremely important that we, as a community, stay connected and strong.  Please contact me or your teacher if there is anything we can do to help.

Thank you,

Mr. M. David, Principal

Thomas Kidd Elementary School

School District #38, Richmond, B.C.