School History


Thomas Kidd Elementary School is located at 10851 Shell Road in the general area of where the Thomas Kidd family resided some time after 1874.

Thomas Kidd was born in Ireland in 1846.  At the age of seventeen he sailed to New Zealand where he served three years as a volunteer in the Maori War.  He then left for California where he was both a rancher and a logger.  In 1874 he arrived in Victoria and some time later settled here on Lulu Island, when the Delta was still undeveloped.

Mr. Kidd was very much a part of public life. He served as Councillor and Reeve of the newly-formed Municipality of Richmond. He was elected to the provincial legislature in 1894 and retired in 1902.   He was not only an avid reader but also a very creative writer. His History of Richmond, together with some of his poems, was published in 1927.

We, at Thomas Kidd Elementary, have the honour of attending a school which bears the name of a worthy pioneer, conscientious public servant and a man of many talents.